Glossary on Migration (2016)

In its 3rd edition, the IOM "Glossary on Migration" is as an accessible and comprehensive collection of migration-related terminology. Designed for all persons dealing with migration issues at the international level, the glossary aims at creating a common understanding of migration terms.

The governance of migration is multi-layered occurring at the national, regional and international levels, and in a world in which so many migration challenges and realties transcend national and regional borders, a common understanding of migration in order to effectively respond to such challenges is fundamental. At the foundation of any common understanding on migration is the use of a common "language". This glossary provides a wide-set of terms pertaining to conceptual, legal, theoretical or practical matters of migration. It is addressed at policy makers, practitioners, scholars, students as well as to anyone who is interested in migration issues. A 3rd edition of the glossary will be published in the winter of 2016; it will be made available in English, Spanish, French, and additional languages in due course.