Procurement Opportunities

Posting # Title Project Status Invitation to Bid (ITB) Ref. No. Category Publication Date Closing Date Mission Country Awarded Vendor Contract No. Awarded Value
316 Provision of large scale, 21-24 month study in Gambia, Guinea and Senegal Safety and Support Solutions in the Central Mediterranean Route Phase II Ongoing Services 18 Ene 2019 03 Feb 2019 United Kingdom
315 Service Provider for the ATES Technical Assistance and Support to the local health authority of Syracuse Development of the new ePHR Lite platform Ongoing Services 16 Ene 2019 01 Feb 2019 MAC
314 Facilitating Informed Migration Choices – Community Conversation As A Tool For Preventing Unsafe Migration In Ethiopia Ongoing Services 16 Ene 2019 25 Ene 2019 Ethiopia
313 Supply and Delivery of Various Equipment for Small Business in Sabha and Qatrun Supporting Livelihoods of Migrants, Displaced Populations and Host Communities in Libya Ongoing LBY-CS-001 Goods 11 Ene 2019 24 Ene 2019 Libya
312 Service Provider for the Monitoring & Evaluation Support the national efforts in managing migration flows and refugee influx in the context of the Syria crisis Ongoing Services 10 Ene 2019 25 Ene 2019 Jordan
311 Enterprise Development Support to Small and Medium Enterprises Enterprise Development Fund (EDF) Ongoing Services 04 Ene 2019 20 Ene 2019 Iraq
310 The European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) training Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs – Iraq Training Ongoing IQBAG-18-1065 Services 04 Ene 2019 10 Ene 2019 Iraq
309 Third Party Contractors (TPC) to provide Personnel Services Long Term Agreement (LTA) Ongoing 2018.004 Services 27 Dic 2018 20 Ene 2019 Philippines
308 Supply and Delivery of IT Equipment and software for the Ukraine-Moldova Cross Border Automated Information Exchange System Enhancing Integrated Border Management along the Ukraine-Moldova border Ongoing UA1-2018-3081 Goods 27 Dic 2018 24 Ene 2019 Ukraine
307 Conduction of TOT “Authenticity Verification of Security Documents” Tajik-Afghan Integration, Resilience and Reform Building Programme (IOM TAIRR) Closed Services 27 Dic 2018 07 Ene 2019 Tajikistan CJSC SIE Regula CS/2019/006 USD 4,000