Migration Research @ Lunchtime Seminars

Migration research @ Lunchtime seminars are organized by the Migration Research Division. Migration researchers and experts working on a range of subjects, particularly those relevant to migration policy and practice, are invited to present their work at IOM Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Through these seminars, IOM aims to further glean from rigorous academic research on migration to inform its work, while at the same time strengthening collaboration between the organization and migration researchers. 

Videos of some of the past seminar presentations can be found below:

Ahmet Icduygu: Towards Pseudo-Integration

05 Apr 2019

Presentation of the MEDAM Report

11 Oct 2018

Labour Immigration Programmes in High-Income Countries

09 Mar 2017

Environmental Impact of Refugee Camps Lessons from Ethiopia and Djibouti

03 May 2017

The “migratory crisis”: A geo-historical interpretation

01 Jun 2017

Diasporas and contested sovereignity: Academic findings and policy implications

30 Oct 2017

The trinity of migration conflicts

26 Sep 2017