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15 August 2018

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By 2030, more than 80 per cent of the world’s poor will live in areas defined as ‘fragile’. Photo: Dibyangshu Sarkar/AFP/Getty Images

Prevention is the Best Migration Cure

Paris (Project Syndicate)  – With newspapers full of stories about the challenges migrant families face, it might be tempting to assume that the causes of displacement are also being addressed. In most cases, however, such an assumption would be wrong. Today, solutions to forced migration focus almost exclusively on aiding refugees after they flee, rather than targeting the reasons for their flight. To resolve the world’s refugee crises, the causes require as much attention as the effects.

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Migrants after receiving life jackets from the crew of the Aquarius. Photograph: Guglielmo Mangiapane/AFP/Getty

How Prepared is the EU for a Future Surge in Migrant Arrivals?

Brussels (The Guardian) – In the first six months of 2018, more than 8,000 migrants came to the small Balkan state of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 20 times more than those arriving the previous year. Thousands are now sleeping rough in towns near the border, in the hope of crossing into the European Union via member state Croatia.

The surge is explained by an increase in arrivals over land and sea, via Turkey and the eastern Mediterranean. Numbers are still much lower than three years ago, before the EU signed a deal with Turkey in 2016 that sharply restricted migrant crossings, but are increasing again.

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Matteo: “Migration is about learning.”

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  • Al Jazeera and AP reported that five European Union nations have offered to take in most of the 141 refugees and migrants on board the Aquarius, avoiding a new rescue ship standoff.
  • UCA News reported that aid groups are providing Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with gas, stoves and tree saplings to help combat deforestation.
  • AP reported that an estimated 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled the crisis-wracked country as of June, mainly to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.
  • Haiti Libre reported that Haiti and IOM have strengthened ties to promote migration policy and the interests of Haitians at home and abroad.
  • Forbes reported on ISIL's devastating two-year occupation of Northern Iraq, highlighting that even now, two years after the liberation of the region, it remains unrecognizable.
  • A Varsity UK writer shared her story of moving from Zimbabwe to England as a child and reflected on the complications in understanding nationality.

  • The New York Times reported on ‘Moses’, a feel-good yet sobering new production by the Bavarian State Opera’s youth program, written for refugees, children of immigrants and born-and-raised Bavarians.
  • NASA shared the story of Marleen Martinez Sundgaard, who grew up in a family of migrant farmworkers  and is now a lead engineer who tests science instruments meant for Mars.