Operations and Emergencies

The Department of Operations and Emergencies directs, oversees and coordinates IOM’s resettlement work and transport programmes and is responsible for overseeing IOM’s activities related to movement, logistics, preparedness and response in migration crises and humanitarian emergencies and to recovery and transitional settings.

The Department coordinates IOM’s participation in humanitarian responses and provides migration services in emergencies or post-crisis situations to address the needs of individuals and uprooted communities, thereby contributing to their protection. It provides technical support to efforts in the field, particularly in responding to forced migration and massive population movements, including protracted internal and cross-border displacement and refugee situations. This contributes to improving the conditions of crisis-affected populations and leads to life-saving interventions through the early identification and implementation of comprehensive durable solutions to end displacement conditions.

The Department also provides strategic recommendations on both policy and operational issues and provides guidance to field operations on project development and implementation and inter- agency coordination. It further oversees individual specialized projects related to humanitarian principles, protection mainstreaming and prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Department of Operations and Emergencies is composed of four divisions and one  unit:

  • Preparedness and Response Division
  • Transition and Recovery Division
  • Land, Property and Reparations Division
  • Resettlement and Movement Management Division
  • Statistics and Knowledge Management Unit


November 2016