Policy Briefs

IOM launched a new series of Policy Briefs in July 2006.  This series focuses on pressing issues in the field of migration management, providing IOM's perspective as an intergovernmental organization with over 50 years of experience helping governments manage migration for the benefit of all.

The first of these Policy Briefs explores the meaning of integration in today's mobile world, where new notions of belonging and identity are evolving and migrants are likely to interact with more than one community on a transnational basis.  Integration is often viewed as a two-way process of adaptation by newcomers and host communities in multiple arenas.

Policy Briefs

Migration and the Millennium Development Goals
This paper provides some examples of the linkages between migration and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), and suggests steps to ensure that migration is better incorporated into plans to achieve the MDGs.

Reparation Programmes
This policy brief describes the interrelationship between displaced persons and other victims of conflict and reparation programmes, and provides guidelines for addressing projects that might have a reparations component.

Migration, Climate Change and the Environment
This Policy Brief presents key information and analysis on the interplay between migration, climate change and the environment, and presents the perspective and involvement of IOM in this field.

The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Migrants and Migration
During economic downturns, migrant workers are often the most vulnerable category of workers, in terms of job loss and treatment in the workplace. While some may well choose to return home, policies aimed solely at sending migrant workers home are not the solution.