Regional Consultative Processes on Migration

Regional consultative processes on migration (RCPs) bring together representatives of states, international organizations and, in some cases, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for informal and non-binding dialogue and information exchange on migration-related issues of common interest and concern.

The majority of RCPs address a wide range of issues, such as migration and development, labour migration, social integration of migrants, protection of migrants’ rights, smuggling and trafficking in persons, migration and health, and trade and migration. These diverse agendas reflect governments’ growing recognition that migration significantly affects other major public policy areas, and vice versa.

IOM's Role in RCPs

IOM participates in several RCPs in various capacities, most frequently as secretariat but often also as technical expert at the request of participating states—undertaking research studies, implementing agreed project activities, providing policy advice and carrying out capacity building activities. UNHCR and ICMPD also provide support to RCPs either through institutionalized relationships or on an ad hoc basis.