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Host Ahmed Badr, and Ahmed with Executive Producer, Richard Davies.

Too often, migrants and refugees are seen in negative, even abstract terms. By telling intimate, personal stories of people on the move, we can offer a more positive narrative and help change the way people think about migration.

"A Way Home Together: Stories of the Human Journey" is an IOM-funded podcast series and part of the United Nations TOGETHER campaign. The shows are hosted by 19-year-old Iraqi-American refugee, Ahmed Badr, and produced by independent podcaster, DaviesContent. Each new episode tackles current global trends and illustrates them with deeply personal storytelling.

In "12 and 83," we find out what a 12-year-old refugee from Syria has in common with the 83 year-old Director General of the International Organization for Migration, William Lacy Swing. Both of them reveal how living in new different countries taught them to reconstruct their idea of home.

Migration should be thought of not "a problem that has to be solved, but as a reality as old as humankind," says Director-General Swing. He also tells podcast host, Ahmed Badr, about his upbringing in the American South and the deep impact that Nelson Mandela and other South African freedom fighters had on his work and personal values.

The latest episode, "A Survivor From The DRC Rebuilds His Life in Texas" is about the growing threat of conflict in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. We hear from IOM's Chief of Mission in the DRC, Jean-Philippe Chauzy, and we also meet Espoir, who was an infant in the DRC when his family fled for their lives. Today, Espoir lives in Austin, Texas and is making a new life for himself.  

Future "A Way Home Together" podcasts  are being planned on internally displaced people and the role of soccer in helping to bring together refugees and longtime residents of the cities and towns where they live today.

All episodes are on ITunes and other major podcasting platforms.